Queer Art Ring
The Queer Art Ring is a webring meant to connect queer artists. The artists you find here create works in a variety of mediums that are obscene, exploratory, divine, taboo, and beautiful. Refusing to be limited to the confines of social media, we have carved out our own spaces on the web, which we are sharing with you.

This webring is a work in progress. We are temporarily hosting our directory on Ringmaster Knife's website, but it will be moved to its own domain in due time.

If you would like to be part of the Queer Art Ring, send an email to knife@knifequeerart.com
Knife Queer Art

Knife Queer Art is a fantasy: both erotic and divine, delightful and horrifying. It's a collection of stories about queer characters and the strange worlds they inhabit.
K. M. Claude

K. M. Claude is an indie horror and erotica cartoonist creating comics, zines, and other works of art that glorify the grotesque, delight in the deviant, and sexualize the sordid.

Moeshit is the personal hidey-hole of an internet dweller named Chives. It contains their creative works, half-formed musings, and various experiments. Cute and twisted in roughly equal measures.
Molten Gold Art

My name is Namiin Stone, and I live in fantasy worlds full of strife and grief - but they are worlds overfull with love and longing, too. A tender ache in the space where darkness and desire coalesce into the surreal and avant garde.

Hex-Grimoire is a digital artist that likes to draw toothy monsters and cute monstergirls (and often a mix of both). Hex also occasionally writes some lore to explain all this nonsense. Teratophilia, gore, severe age gap, and other assorted debauchery abound.

Charles "Chuck Choice" CMDonovann is a digital artist and writer. Though he spends much of his time in the playground that is fanfiction, he also creates original work and plans to begin releasing original fiction sometime in the next *checks watch* three to six years. His main interests are overly dramatic religious imagery and time travel.
Jesse Phoenix

Jesse Phoenix is a queer artist, cosplayer, drag/burlesque performer and photographer just trying to make the world a little bit prettier, disturbing and/or sexier.
Gabriel Wormwood

Gabriel Wormwood is a cockroach swarm in a human skin. He spends his time painting and writing. He also has a fondness for the erotic, the monstrous, and the color orange.