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Hallowed Crossing

The sleepy town of Hallowed Crossing has existed on the edge of the forest for centuries, each day following in the footsteps of the day before it. If there's anything remarkable about it, it would be the Gate. Watched over by a Keymaster Reaper, the Gate is a final destination for ghosts across this half of the continent. At the very least, the Reapers tell good stories in the local cafe, when they're done escorting ghosts to the Gate.

And then things begin to change. As ghostly traffic slows to a halt, it comes to light that the Keymaster Reaper has gone missing. Investigation after investigation turns up nothing, and eventually, the Reapers call in someone to go through his belongings and enact his will. Surprising everyone, the sole name on the will- and the sole person who can solve this mystery- is his long-estranged grandson.