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As Earth reaches its unnatural end at the hands of corporate greed, humanity makes a last-ditch attempt to escape and start over. Hundreds of light-years away is the perfect second chance, a planet dubbed Eden. However, when the last remnants of humanity rouse from their cryogenic slumber, they find a planet almost entirely below sea level. A long argument ensues about what to do next, but one thing is clear: for better or for worse, this is humanity's permanent new home.

On the planet Eden, three factions emerge. The Children of the Origin vow to live as their ancestors did, making use of what little land is available. The Children of the Deep employ cybernetic technology to live in the depths of the ocean, leaving their humanity behind. And the Children of the Light take to the skies, using bio-engineering to become something more than they were before. But no solution is without its flaws.