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Knife Queer Art:Pine Waters
Pine Waters
Pronouns: ey/em
Age: 26
Height: 6'1"
Ethnicity: Yemeni/Indian
Gender: trans man
Sexuality: aroace
Birthday: January 3
Affiliation: Cobra
Profession: hitman
Extra: voyant
Pine is a meticulously efficient man working in the employ of a shady organization known as Cobra. Ey is unfailingly loyal to eir boss, Idris, after an ongoing traumatic event in their youth bound them together in ways that neither of them fully understand yet.

Ey suffers from paranoia and OCD, and the routines he is compelled to do take up much of his time. Ey dislikes meeting people and socializing, preferring to spend his free time wandering the city and drawing horror comics.