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Knife Queer Art:Kyren Mantis
Kyren Mantis
Pronouns: ey/em
Age: 34
Height: 5'6"
Ethnicity: Iranian
Gender: nonbinary trans man
Sexuality: pan
Birthday: March 4
Affiliation: Cobra
Profession: doctor
Extra: voyant
Kyren works as the unlicenced doctor for a local gang, a job which ey enjoys entirely too much. Ey completed most of eir medical training, but ended up not being able to land an internship, and has since decided that ey's doing just fine without eir formal degree. Ey has recently taken up taxidermy as a hobby, and also enjoys taking walks late at night.

Ey is quite sadistic, and tends to be entirely indifferent to the opinions of others. Ey's not exactly sociable by traditional metrics, but ey's far from shy, and has a tendency to mess with people. Ey can be frighteningly persuasive. Ey also has a streak of dependency issues.