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Knife Queer Art:Lunar Mauriche
Lunar Mauriche
Pronouns: ze/hir
Age: 31
Height: 5'9"
Ethnicity: Greek
Gender: genderfluid
Sexuality: pan
Birthday: September 25
Affiliation: Ungeisten
Profession: actor
Extra: voyant
Lunar is a genderfluid actor, and hir personality changes as often as hir gender. Ze reflects what ze thinks others expect of hir, and has long since lost sight of hir default personality. This lack of conviction has actually harmed hir acting career more than helping it, and ze has been struggling to make ends meet, even working at an espresso bar on the side.

Just when things seemed to be as dire as they could be, a stranger stepped in with a lucrative new opportunity. For Lunar, it's a last chance to make something of hirself.