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Knife Queer Art:Ilian
Pronouns: fae/faer
Age: 29
Height: 5'11"
Ethnicity: Melita
Birthday: Slaughter 16
Affiliation: Lunicent
Profession: model
Ilian works as a model, with great success. Fae is considered one of the biggest names in the melita quarter of eudesia, and is known to people who follow fashion in other cities as well. Fae is less well known as a blown glass artist, creating sculptures with an eerie quality.

Fae is quite haughty, and tends to speak down to people. Fae hates admitting when fae is wrong, and often just wont do it. Fae has utmost confidence in faer skills, and is well aware that fae is widely respected.

Faer familiar, Lacen, is anxious that Ilian will get in trouble for faer attitude towards others. Fae doesn't listen to it much. Fae almost views it more as an accessory than a companion.