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Unreality Agents
Unreality Agents
1: Prologue
It wouldn't be right to say everything was alright, in the beginning.
But compared to the days ahead, it was the calm before the storm.
nudity, dubcon, bondage
welcome homeMilo thought he needed to get out of his mother's house, but ended up jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.
Contains: mild sexual content, noncon
nothingPine has been plagued by shadow people eir whole life, but never before have they been so aggressive. Of course, there is nothing to be concerned about, since they're not real.
Contains: mental illness, violence
2: The Hunt
What does it mean to be hunted? To be chased down, to fear for your life?
Shutter SpeedThere's a last time for everything, and these summer days are no exception.
Open Your EyesThere is a last time for everything, and these quiet evenings are no exception.
Wake UpThere is a last time for everything, and this commute is no exception.
nudity, body horror
fated encounterDevon has a horrifying encounter in the back alleys after work, and ends up seeing the light.
Contains: erotic violence, gore
blood, injury
3: Captivity
Another unfamiliar ceiling.
noncon, nudity, bruises
noncon, sexual content, bruises, nudity
noncon, sexual content, nudity
noncon, sexual content, creampie
nudity, medical malpractice, noncon
4: The Escape
Disrupting the natural order.
5: War Games
The games we play with human lives, like cat and mouse.
noncon, sexual content, creampie
partial nudity, branding, dubcon
6: Breaking Point
At long last, we are destroyed.
7: Epilogue
When the dust settles, everything is new to us.
Bits and pieces, belonging neither here nor there.
noncon, creampie, bondage, nudity
noncon, molestation, nudity
noncon, sexual content, nudity
noncon, amputeeism, creampie, underage, nudity
noncon, underage, size difference, bruises, nudity
noncon, underage, nudity
underage, noncon, nudity
partial nudity
nudity, medical themes
nudity, multiple images
nudity, gore, autocannibalism
partial nudity
body horror
cold catharsisOmber is at the end of their rope when they go to the woods. When they need it more than ever, they find a second chance.
Contains: mental illness, body horror