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Overview | Holy Hunger
Overview: Holy Hunger
The great dragon of light rules over everything that is good. At the beginning of time, it breathed life into the universe and set alight the sun. It created the people, it's chosen, and showered them with its blessings. It poured the water into the lakes and streams that the people might drink, and it formed the animals and plants that the people might eat. For every blessing we give thanks for, we thank the light dragon.

But when the light dragon created the sun, it made one single mistake: it's own shadow was brought to life in the form of the dark dragon, which is its antithesis in every way.

The dark dragon, filled with envy and hatred for its creator, made a dark realm in the shadow of the world. But without a soul of its own, it was unable to populate this realm. And so, it began to pull the people from the world into its shadow, creating death itself.

And yet, even this was not enough to satisfy it. It seeks, even now, to destroy its own creator and drag all of existence into the shadows.