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Overview | X-Ghast
Overview: X-Ghast
Skyscrapers stretch from the dirty pavement up past the smog, becoming pillars in the webs of the cities above the clouds. For those who live in the sky, life is good. Solar power never ends, biodomes grow genetically modified produce, trains connect one city to the next so seamlessly that many can and do go their whole lives without touching the ground.

For those left below the smog, it's a different story. Struggling to make anything grow on an over-urbanized surface, many are forced to buy food at astronomical prices from the biodomes above. Despite the mass exodus of the rich, the surface of the planet is still over-populated, rent getting higher and higher as space continues to run out. A coughing sickness culls the elderly, and recently, many of the young are struggling as well.

And then on top of that, there's the ghasts. But really, that's the least of anyone's problems.