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Overview | Hallowed Crossing
Overview: Hallowed Crossing
In the beginning, three deities worked together to purify and recycle the souls of humankind. Nyx collected them from the fallen people, Helios purged them of their mortal concerns, and Stella scattered them once more to the humans newly born.

But as the people grew in numbers, and as their concerns become more and more complex, the three deities had to work harder, and harder still. They argued more amongst themselves, quietly at first, and then in voices that shook the heavens and earth alike. Finally, it became too much, and Stella left the realm of souls for good, deciding instead to live amongst the humans she had tended for so long.

So carefree was she that the humans surrounding her forgot to die, and their souls remained to enjoy her festivities long after their bodies rotted away. These became the first of the faeries, but certainly not the last. Even now, those who follow Stella's reign of pleasure seek to convert others to their cause.

When Stella left, Nyx became depressed. Slowly, they stopped taking part of their duties, leaving both Stella's job and their own to Helios alone. Nyx shrouded themself in the night sky and sunk deep into the Earth, past the molten core and into a pocket dimension formed by their immense sadness. Never have they resurfaced from this depth, but the toxicity of their anguish still seeps out, corrupting all those it touches into demons.

Helios, now processing the spirits of humankind alone, was unable to keep up with them. More and more were led astray by his siblings, and he knew that things could not keep going as they were. As a last resort, he enlisted the help of the humans themselves. Those humans who help Helios with his eternal toil are known now as reapers, and are blessed to use his magic.