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Overview | Small Blessings
Overview: Small Blessings
From the greatest dragons to the smallest ants, from the tallest camphors to the smallest weeds, each and every species of living thing has a collective soul. People alone are different: born with no soul at all, the people must receive a blessing to share in the collective soul of another species. With that soul comes other attributes of the blessing. Sharp teeth for the wolf-blessed, excellent sight for the hawk-blessed, quick reflexes for the cat-blessed, and so on. And so, the people are kind to all species, that they might continue to receive their blessings. Such has it been since people first walked the surface of the world, and such shall it always be.

Just as there is a natural chain of power among other species, so too is there a chain of command among the blessed people. At the pinnacle of this hierarchy are the dragon-blessed, elegant in their eternal wisdom. At their right hand lie the elephant-blessed and gryphon-blessed. The law of order is enforced by those blessed by wolves and badgers. The fields are tilled by the horse-blessed. Each person's life is assigned meaning by their blessing, and they find their place in society accordingly.

At the very bottom of the natural order, those blessed by weeds and worms struggle to be appreciated. Among those unlucky blessed is Nell, the dandelion boy.