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The Facet Project is an attempt to pin down the character and narrative tropes that continue to reappear in my work. It's both a setting and a fortune-telling app.

Unreality Agents

Unreality Agents was my main personal universe, and it's very dear to me. It deals with themes of mental illness, community, and justice in a modern fantasy setting.

Unreality Agents Spinoffs

As much as the main plot of Unreality Agents is dear to my heart, sometimes you've gotta put your characters in horny new places.

Synflux Unraveling

A project co-created with my dearest Kienan, Synflux Unraveling is a setting where the fae realm is slowly merging into the human realm. In the overlap between a land of magic and mystery and the cold science of the modern man, anything is possible.


I started playing FFXIV in 2022, and in that time I have developed so much WoL lore, not to mention the multitude of screencaps.


I picked up GW2 in 2023, and I've brought a lot of my characters from other verses into it as an AU. I do have unique characters in there as well, though.


This is all the lore I've developed for my FlightRising dragon clan since 2021, conveniently pried away from it's sadly SFW source.


Over the years, I've created many verses that are currently on the backburner. You can find them here.