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Indigo Cerval | Unreality Agents
Indigo Cerval
age: 20
pronouns: she/her
height: 5'7"
birthday: July 14
gender: nonbinary woman
sexuality: bi
ethnicity: Chinese and white
occupation: retail


Indigo works at Amaichi Bakery during the day, a job which she enjoys. She also does secretive deliveries, as instructed by her parents. Her hobbies include a variety of threadcrafts, as well as binging romantic drama TV shows. Indigo is shy and anxious. While she's able to do anything she needs to, she often frets about what might go wrong. She's had a sense of loyalty ingrained to her from a young age, and tends to be grateful to anyone who shows her kindness.
indigo's Thoughts
She's so sweet and cute. I want to talk to her, but what would I say?
They're always around June. It seems like she relies on them. It's wrong of me to be jealous, but still...