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Hazel Rina | Unreality Agents
Hazel Rina
age: 21
pronouns: they/she
height: 5'1"
birthday: Aug 9
gender: nonbinary
sexuality: pan
ethnicity: Latinx and Chinese
occupation: student


Hazel is currently in school for childcare, and as the degree requires, gets along excellently with children, as well as the majority of other people. They have a part-time job in the campus cafeteria. They collect plushies and play Pokemon games. They play soccer, both casually and on the varsity team.

They're extremely outgoing and personable, getting along with almost everyone they meet. They're very much an optimist, and while they're getting better about it, they tend to downplay their own negative emotions. They're very loyal to their friends.
hazel's Thoughts