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Ginger Willows | Unreality Agents
Ginger Willows
age: 18
pronouns: they/them
height: 4'11"
birthday: July 30
gender: nonbinary
sexuality: aroace
ethnicity: nonhuman
occupation: barista


Ginger works at a cat cafe, which they adore. They run two successful blogs, one of them for vaporwave and the other for cat photos and memes. They make music on soundcloud, and aspire to make it their profession eventually, but that dream seems to be a ways off for now. They also enjoy playing frisbee with their friends.

They're very friendly with strangers, but despite this, it takes them a long time to really consider someone a friend. However, once they decide someone is their friend, they're unwaveringly loyal, often past the point where they should have doubts. They're almost unnaturally lucky, and as a result, they tend to believe everything will work out fine even if they cut some corners.
ginger's Thoughts
Ae does so much for me and I just goof off. I don't want to be a burden.