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Clove Willows | Unreality Agents
Clove Willows
age: 24
pronouns: ae/aer
height: 5'4"
birthday: Apr 2
gender: genderqueer
sexuality: queer
ethnicity: Filipino
occupation: witch shopkeeper


Clove works at a witchy plant shop, which sells not only a variety of house plants but tea and herbs as well. Ae has a tendency to take home plants when ae's feeling down, and has accumulated a significant indoor garden as a result. Ae practices wicca in aer own time, and enjoys taking long walks around town.

Ae's primarily motivated by a desire to keep aerself and aer sibling Ginger safe, and can come across as somewhat self-centered in that pursuit. Ae is casually flirtatious with anyone that catches aer eye, but isn't particularly interested in persuing a relationship. Ae struggles a bit with confidence.
clove's Thoughts
They're my sibling, and they're here because of me. I'll protect our life no matter what.