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Annora Komugi | Unreality Agents
Annora Komugi
age: 20
pronouns: she/her
height: 5'3"
birthday: Jan 12
gender: trans woman
sexuality: aroace
ethnicity: Japanese
occupation: student


Annora is a chemistry major, and enjoys her school work, taking some of the prettiest notes in the school. She plays tennis, bikes, and jogs, all of which only reflect part of her over-arching commitment to a healthy lifestyle. While she doesn't leave herself a lot of downtime, when it happens, she enjoys reading shoujo manga.

She's very hard-working, and a bit aloof. While she sometimes feels that she should try harder to socialize with her classmates, the truth of it is that she finds the majority of people unbearably annoying, and would prefer to spend her time alone. She enjoys routine and structure.
annora's Thoughts