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Aeris Delator | Unreality Agents
Aeris Delator
age: 41
pronouns: she/her
height: 5'6"
birthday: Apr 4
gender: femme
sexuality: lesbian
ethnicity: Black
occupation: entrepreneur


Aeris is the leader of a bike gang called Hylox. She takes her responsibility to the gang seriously, and pours the majority of her time into it. With what little time she does have, she enjoys shopping and getting her nails done. She tends to expect respect from everyone she encounters. She doesn't go out of her way to seem more likeable to anyone, preferring to embody authority in everything she does. She has high expectations, and would prefer to do things herself, but always gives praise where praise is due.
aeris's Thoughts
We're two halves of a whole. I can't imagine having better chemistry with someone else.