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Viel Anthra | Unreality Agents
Viel Anthra
age: 24
pronouns: he/him
height: 6'0"
birthday: Dec 8
gender: cis man
sexuality: gay
ethnicity: Spanish
occupation: bouncer


This boisterous lad doesn't waste time thinking things through, preferring to act first and ask questions later. Viel gets in trouble for it as often as not, but he's just as quick to make friends as enemies, and manages to get out of most of the situations he punches himself into.

He's perpetually in motion. Whether he's at the gym or on a hike, he keeps himself active. Even at his job, working the door at a local bar, he has trouble standing as still as he should.
viel's Thoughts
He's the brains to my brawn. I'm going to kiss him every day for the rest of my life.
She's really got it together.
Some of the things he says don't quite add up, but who am I to do math?