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Neptune Sallow | Unreality Agents
Neptune Sallow
age: 36
pronouns: fae/faer
height: 5'10"
birthday: Mar 15
gender: genderfluid woman
sexuality: lesbian
ethnicity: white
occupation: therapist


Neptune works at a college as a mental health counselor. As if that's not enough emotional labor, fae also does volunteer counseling for local activist groups. Fae keeps faerself calm with tai chi, and also enjoys gardening and crochet. Fae is wiccan, and well-known in the area for making effective good luck charms, though fae often downplays their success.

Fae is extremely gentle and patient. Fae quickly adopts people into faer chosen family, and makes a point of expressing pride in all of them. Fae has recently been struggling quite seriously with grief following the death of faer lover, Nell. While fae is aware of a great many coping mechanisms from faer job, fae has not been able to put many of them to use, and feels haunted.
neptune's Thoughts