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Kairon | Holy Hunger
age: 29
pronouns: he/him
height: 5'4"
birthday: Nov 13
race: elf
occupation: lead cleric


Kairon takes pride in his position as the leader of the Church of Sacred Decay. Specifically chosen by the dragon who rules over him, he believes in both his cause and his place in it. Under his oversight, the church has seen significant growth, and as far as Kairon is concerned, it's only a matter of time before they can escalate their conflict with the Church of Eternal Prosperity into all-out war.

But there are pieces to put in place before the conflict can begin in earnest.
kairon's Thoughts
I have faith that he'll come through for me when it matters.
He's been by my side my entire life. I would hate to lose him.
He shows a great deal of promise. I anticipate great things from him.