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Florence | Holy Hunger
age: 35
pronouns: he/him
height: 5'6"
birthday: Aug 27
race: elf
occupation: cleric


Florence has long been a man of the cloth. Finding a sense of purpose and community in the Church of Eternal Prosperity, he wants nothing more than to do good by the church and its people.

Except that lately, he also feels an overwhelming hunger for the same people he thinks of as family. Knowing that he can only hold himself back for so long, he sets out on a pilgrimmage to visit the light dragon, knowing its forgiveness is his only chance.

But can he maintain the integrity of his human soul for long enough to get the redemption he needs?
florence's Thoughts
He is unbearably kind to me. I need to protect him, most of all from myself.
He led me astray once, but it won't happen again.