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Laeron Marshstep | Aether
Laeron Marshstep
age: 28
pronouns: he/him
height: 6'3"
birthday: Jun 27
race: moose
element: earth
occupation: scout


Laeron is a true gentle giant. Despite his hulking stature, he only wants to protect his community. Even towards suspicious strangers, he tends not to become hostile, preferring to remain optimistic for as long as possible. That said, he has recently been learning to fight, and he will take action if it proves necessary. Unable to give up the wetlands he once called home, he now patrols the area around the enclave, making sure no one gets too close without his careful eye on them. He's overly aware of how intimidating he can come across, and is careful not to make requests that might come across as demands.
laeron's Thoughts