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Omber Nebel | Unreality Agents
Omber Nebel
age: 20
pronouns: they/them
height: 5'10"
birthday: Nov 20
gender: nonbinary
sexuality: pan ace
ethnicity: white
occupation: student


Omber is majoring in sculpture, with a minor in art history. They're crushingly aware of how useless their degree is, and quite worried about what they'll do when they graduate from working the campus bookstore. Their worries completely overlook their successful etsy shop, where they sell resin casts of animal bones, as well as some other vulture culture trinkets. They're into vulture culture in their free time as well, owning a significant collection. They read a lot, with a focus on animal biology, but they'll read just about anything.

They tend to be cold and stand-offish, even a bit harsh with people they don't know. They complain a lot, and they have a hard time believing anything positive that people have to say about them. They tend to be a bit self-centered.
omber's Thoughts