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Milo Estrelya | Unreality Agents
Milo Estrelya
age: 19
pronouns: he/him
height: 5'5"
birthday: Dec 1
gender: nonbinary man
sexuality: gay
ethnicity: Black/Filipino
occupation: delivery


Milo is a soft and artistic man who enjoys spending time outdoors. He spends a lot of time biking around town taking photos. His urban photography has gained some attention recently, but not enough to make ends meet. In the meanwhile, he does deliveries for a local flower shop.

His troubled home life has instilled a sense of caution into him, but no person is immune to being reckless sometimes. He recently left his mothers' home to live with an older man, and has gotten into more trouble than he bargained for.
milo's Thoughts
They're one of my closest friends, but they don't understand me.