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Pronouns: ey/em
Age: 31
Height: 6'2"
Gender: agender
Sexuality: aroace
Race: Arab/Korean
Specialty: ghast exterminator
Birthday: December 17
Tae has worked as a ghast exterminator since ey was in eir teen years, and ey's good at it. Good enough, even, for most of eir clients to excuse eir gruff and impersonable demeanor. Ey spends long hours walking around the city, favouring back streets and graveyards. Ey also has a significant collection of houseplants.

Tae isn't particularly close to anyone, and doesn't particularly want to be. Ey doesn't let anyone touch eir. Despite being a ghast exterminator, ey has a ghast floating around eir almost all the time.

Tae's Thoughts