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Nine De Luxe

Keywords: spring peacock
Pronouns: ae/they
Height: 7'1"
Gender: genderfluid
Sexuality: pansexual
Race: Indian
Specialty: fae
Position: seaon scion
Birthday: February 14
Gender Details: changes genders like costumes. dualsex with breasts
Sexuality Details: dom vers slut
Fursona: peacock
As the fae ruler of spring, Nine's domain is one of revelry and new beginnings.

Their influence keeps their palace and the lands surrounding it in a constant springtime state, tempered only slightly by visits from the other seasons' rulers. They enjoy nothing more than a good party, and they're almost always hosting or planning something.

Their parties tend to be opulent orgies, often with a theme and dress code. They have an ability to produce sex pollen, as well as unusually potent reproductive abilities. This is in addition to some fae-standard powers of shapeshifting and hypnosis. They have many children of many kinds, none of whom they have any particular relationship with.

They only care about their own pleasure, and it doesn't generally occur to them that anyone wouldn't be interested in what they want to do. So within their palace, consent is iffy, but they can't be bothered to track anyone down with malicious intent. That being said, they have no tolerance for insults or buzzkills, and have been known to exact severe revenge for such petty grievances.

Their name comes from "pavonine," as in resembling a peacock.

Nine's Thoughts