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Morel Ascomy

Keywords: autumn weirdo
Pronouns: he/him
Height: 6'5"
Gender: nonbinary man
Sexuality: homoflexible
Race: Korean
Specialty: fae
Position: seaon scion
Birthday: November 28
Gender Details: fairly masc but not attached to it. dmab, capable of shapeshifting
Sexuality Details: soft dom, generally tops but open to bottoming
Fursona: moose
As the fae ruler of autumn, Morel's domain is one of change and decay.

He's always travelling, although he does have a palace in the faerie realm. Most of his friends think him an eccentric for choosing to hitchhike and sleep by a campfire, but he enjoys seeing new things. He spends more time in the human realm than a lot of other faeries, especially of his status. He's friendly and easy-going, but he's no pushover. He enjoys talking about nature.

His powers are mostly powers over decay, with some necromancy thrown in for good measure. He also has a lot of sway over fungi. For example, he can cause mushrooms to grow anywhere, any time. He can reanimate dead creatures using mushroom matter to fill in the empty spaces left by decay. So in that sense, it's less "necromancy as in bringing back the dead" and more just fucked up puppetry. He can also charm the people or places he comes in contact with to be more resistant or more susceptible to rot. Additionally, he has various spore effects. Generally speaking, dude's got a whole lot of power, but he uses it sparingly, at least in comparison to other fae rulers.

He comes across as humble in a casual meeting, because he doesn't care about status symbols. But he does expect a certain amount of respect, even so.

Morel's Thoughts