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Jett Meridian

Keywords: loyal changeling
Pronouns: they/she
Age: 15
Height: 5'2"
Gender: demigirl
Sexuality: pansexual
Race: Filipino
Specialty: changeling
Position: concubine
Birthday: March 17
Gender Details: leans nonbinary but feels like being a girl makes them more attractive. dfab
Sexuality Details: sub bottom, scared of sex but excited by it
Fursona: wood mouse
Jett is a changeling servant to the fae ruler of the new moon, and extremely devoted to their master.

They grew up in the human realm, unhappy and unable to fit in. Since arriving in the faerie realm, they've been blind to their own exploitation, such is the strength of their admiration for Sephariel. Or, perhaps, the strength of his mind control.

Either way, Jett's duties range from maid to whore, and they perform all of their duties with enthusiasm and dedication. Although they're eager to please their master, they have little patience for dealing with anyone else, and often act coldly towards others. Rarely do they think about those they left behind.

Jett's Thoughts