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The Sun Roderick

Pronouns: he/him
Age: 41
Height: 6'2"
Gender: cis man
Race: Council Knight
Specialty: the city
Birthday: June 22
Roderick comes from a long line of knights. Like his grandfather, his father, and his brothers, he is dedicated to the protection and betterment of the City. He inherited the Sun fairly young, and feels strongly the responsibility of his role. He has since become a leading force even among the Council Knights, and popular among the general populace as well.

He takes decisions seriously and thinks through the consequences of each action. Despite this, he doesn't drag his heels when it is time to act. He believes in the inherent value of human life. He worries about settling down and making a family, but feels he doesn't have the time to commit to it properly. As if to make up for these worries, he dotes on his nephew and other squires.

Roderick's Thoughts