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Yukito Mistrise

Pronouns: he/they
Race: Sylvari
Position: Mirage
Faction: Soundless
Yukito, like all Sylvari, was born in the Grove. A shy and hesitant individual, he was attached at the hip to another who emerged around the same time as himself: the high-empathy Naeia. But as she grew more sequestered, finding the overflow emotions of the Grove painful, Yukito grew curious about the outside world.

Finally, he ventured forth, traveling alongside the mercenaries Vokuth and Natsuki for some time. But he grew jealous of their companionship and their strength, and in the end, commited an act of selfishness that turned them against him. Ready to take any punishment himself, Yukito was not prepared for Vokuth to turn to Naeia for his revenge.

Horrified by the violence that resulted from his actions, Yukito took a vow of Soundlessness, changing his name and leaving the Grove for good. And while he had intended his departure to save Naeia, it only leaves her feeling abandoned- and drives her farther into Vokuth's grasp.

Yukito's Thoughts