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Vokuth Quicksilver

Pronouns: he/him
Race: Charr
Position: Vindicator
Faction: Vigil
When Vokuth was unfairly blamed for the death of his warband, he lashed out. The violence of that day saw him exiled from the Black Citadel, and he's been roaming the countryside as a mercenary ever since. While he tries to maintain a gruff and aloof persona, he's quite a romantic at heart. Unfortunately, his devotion often makes him all the more intimidating.

He traveled with Natsuki and Yukito for some time, enjoying both his clashes with Natsuki and his mentorship with Yukito. This all ground to a halt when Yukito betrayed them both. Lashing out at Yukito himself does little to soothe Vokuth's rage, and so he instead turns on the Sylvari's close friend, Naeia.

What he doesn't expect is falling in love with her afterwards.

Vokuth's Thoughts