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Viorel Requiem

Pronouns: he/him
Race: Human
Position: Holosmith
Faction: Durmand Priory
Among the nobility of Divinity's Reach, there are many prestigious houses that have stood for generations. There are also several immortals who have woven themselves into this social tapestry, vampires who leverage contract to stay in the good graces of the Queen and Council both. Viorel Requiem is one such being. And while he has been in Divinity's Reach since it was built, he is becoming increasingly distraught that none of the humans he meets will last for long.

This sadness leads him down the path of engineering. Employing techniques of Asuran golemancy alongside his own inherent blood magic, his hope is to create an eternal companion, a perfect doll who will never leave him. But so far, none of them have quite turned out right.

Viorel's Thoughts