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Vexichor Malice

Pronouns: he/ey
Race: Sylvari
Position: Reaper
Faction: Inquest
Technically a member of the Nightmare Court, Vexichor works closely with the Inquest in a wide range of experiments. His complete disregard for ethics and exacting research methods have earned him a lofty reputation in both groups- despite the often-disasterous endings to his projects. He's arrogant and calculating to a fault.

His experiments include working on chimeras with Lotus, a series of experiments meant to bring sapient pets farther into Lotus's control. These experiments saw mixed success, including the alteration of Inoke. But when the subjects were freed in an attack by the Pale Tree's Valiants, Vexichor decided to move on.

He quickly found a place beside Genesis Sweetdream, a well-known Inquest golemancer. Genesis had promised to produce a number of companion golems, but as the deadline approaches, he has little to show for his efforts. Vexichor shows up just in time to suggest a solution in fusion: combining golems with asura subjects to achieve a more personable product. With this change in plans, Genesis is able to meet his deadline. The only setback is the accidental freedom of an important subject: his daughter, Momoko.

Feeling bored with golemancy, Vexichor moves on to experimenting with elementals. Inspired by life in Garenhoff, he sets up a personal lab nearby, promising subjects the power of an elemental if they only submit themselves to his research. Many of the subjects fail, and those that survive display unpleasant symptoms; irritable and unpredictable. Vexichor eventually sets them free and moves on.

Now, excited by a new possibility, Vexichor sets back out into the field to gather some information.

Vexichor's Thoughts