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Luminary Orion Mercy

Pronouns: he/him
Race: Norn
Position: Berserker
Faction: Joko Loyalist
Although he grew up as an orphan, Orion was found in his early teen years by the Joko Loyalists, who told him they believed that he was an illegitimate son of their leader. Following the fall of the king, Orion is lifted into a position of mock leadership among those who refuse to transition into a new social order. However, it is very clear to him that the advisors surrounding him do not wish for him to actually lead. They see him as a convenient puppet, nothing more.

But while the advisors have their schemes, the majority of the Loyalists buy into Orion's heritage, and in time, so does Orion himself. As he gains confidence in his destiny, he begins to see the people who plucked him from the streets not as saviors, but as parasites. In the end, he sacrifices them, making a spectacle of their demise as he announces his intention to rule.

Surrounded by cultists vying for his attention, Orion trusts none of them, nor anyone else. He focuses single-mindedly on his goal: conquering the desert, as is his birthright.

Orion's Thoughts