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Nine De Luxe

Pronouns: they/she
Race: Sylvari
Position: Druid
Faction: Nightmare Court
Nine is a leader among the Nightmare Court in title only. Having been born early in the Pale Tree's history with a great deal of natural charisma, they rose to the top with minimal effort, and realized once they were in charge of a large group that the minutia of leadership suits them poorly. Leaving such trivial details to their appointed regent, Yian, they return to a life of roaming in search of pleasure. Their returns to the Court are celebrated, each visit a full week of revelry and hedonism. But they are, in the end, only visits.

Most of the time, Nine is surrounded by other people, anyone they can find. A spark of joy and terror both in every community they pass through, they always make a strong impression. And while some people do travel alongside them for a time, none of these companions can keep up with them in the end.

That is, until they meet Miette. A strange mixture of golemancy and blood magic, the asura-shaped doll is nothing if not eager to please. Nine learns quickly that there is nothing Miette will not do, fearing neither pleasure nor pain so long as it wins its master's approval. Delighted to meet any creature who can weather the storm of their whims, Nine grows to treasure Miette more and more over time.

Nine's Thoughts