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Natsuki Skyfire

Pronouns: she/her
Race: Norn
Position: Spellbreaker
Faction: Vigil
Born as the second child to a Son of Svanir, Natsuki was twice scorned from the moment of her birth. Furious that her father won't recognize her talent, Natsuki pushes herself to the limit. Well-known as a hunter and a mercenary, she continues to seek harder challenges, focused whole-heartedly on a single goal: to prove her might to her father, or failing that, to kill him in single combat.

Leaving her family behind, Natsuki ends up travelling with Vokuth and Yukito. The three of them make an odd group, constantly arguing over the right path forward, but always making progress nonetheless.

Yukito's betrayal is a shock to all of them, and while Natsuki would be willing to leave it aside, the same can't be said of Vokuth. His path of vengeance spirals out of control, and as Natsuki takes a back seat to his rage, she wonders if his companionship is still worth it.

Natsuki's Thoughts