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Momoko Sweetdream

Pronouns: she/her
Race: Asura
Position: Tempest
Faction: Durmand Priory
Momoko Sweetdream is a daughter of the Inquest, one of two progeny born to Genesis Sweetdream, a leader in pleasure technology. Subject to his harsh training through her early childhood, Momoko nonetheless looked up to him, eager for any praise she could get. Despite being all-around a more competent Elementalist and more thoughtful assistant than her brother Kouji, he's favored to be Genesis's successor. Momoko was simply a resource, and almost a subject to a vile experiment- before the College of Synergetics rescued her.

Viewing her salvation as an unfair kidnapping, Momoko does not hesitate to remind her adoptive family that they are merely holding her back. Her self-enforced distance from them is contrasted by her saccharine attitude- always smiling, always willing to help but never willing to linger.

As she makes her way out into the world, her goal is clear: to find Genesis, and prove herself worthy as his heir.

Momoko's Thoughts