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Jester Miette

Pronouns: it/they/she
Race: Asura
Position: Mirage
Miette is well-formed, for a doll. Created with all the love and expertise of one Viorel Requiem, the only feature it lacks is a voice. And while it tries and tries to convince Viorel of its love without making a sound, in the end, he considers it another failed experiment. Saddened and confused, Miette's first instinct is to find a new master. It approaches several other nobles in Divity's Reach, and while each of them adores it for a short time, none of them see it the way Viorel once did.

It is only a matter of chance that the Nightmare courtier Nine sees Miette's performance. Enchanted by this strange creation, Nine immediately volunteers to pay Miette's current master a hefty sum to take it with them. And so, their travels together begin. Nine is a strange master, with many strange requests, but their sharp eyes always regard Miette with intensity, curiosity, and affection. Miette begins to believe that it was made for them.

Miette's Thoughts