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Mars Hibiscus

Pronouns: he/him
Race: Human
Position: Untamed
Mars was born to a widowed Seraph soldier, and grew up in a remote outpost on the edge of Caledon forest. With only his parent and their handful of coworkers as his companions, and all of them often busy, Mars ended up spending more time out in the wilderness. He learned to befriend animals long before he learned to befriend people, his gestures of kindness towards passing merchants often going unheeded. Despite his days in the wilds, he would always come home for dinner, preparing a meal for the outpost with whatever he had found or caught that day. And over these meals, his parent told him of love.

Inspired by their affection for his other parent, long since deceased, Mars wants nothing more than to be married himself one day. It is with this goal in mind that he sets out into the world, much to his parent's dismay. Traveling alongside his feathered and furred companions, Mars struggles to make a positive impression on anyone- until he meets the runaway Asura, Kouji. Immediately imprinting on the first person to accept his kindness, it doesn't occur to Mars that his affection might be overbearing.

Mars's Thoughts