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Prince Lotus Aurum

Pronouns: he/him
Race: Sylvari
Position: Soulbeast
Faction: Nightmare Court
An enthusiastic tamer of pets, Lotus's idea that anything and anyone is fair game proved to be wildly unpopular in the Dream. Switching to Nightmare, therefore, was a decision he made easily and willingly. Within the Court, it is his role and his pleasure to break in unruly animals- and unruly new recruits.

But merely acting as an animal tamer proves not to be enough for him. Even the chimerical experiments he sponsors fall short of his expectations, and in time he realizes that his true calling is to lead. Well-respected by his Court, the only barriers to Lotus's rule are the wandering technicality of a leader Nine, and their loyal regent Yian.

Figuring that Nine isn't much of a threat, Lotus focuses his efforts instead on Yian, overcoming his will the same way he has done with countless pets before.

Lotus's Thoughts