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Kouji Sweetdream

Pronouns: he/him
Race: Asura
Position: Weaver
Faction: Order of Whispers
The second progeny of Inquest genius Genesis Sweetdream, Kouji has always been something of a disappointment. Weak-willed and weak with magic, he was constantly overshadowed by his sister, Momoko. Even so, his father favored him for succession to his research- a fact that Momoko held against him. In a way, it was a relief when she was spirited away, at least at first. But without his sister dividing their father's attention, the weight of expectation on Kouji's shoulders is even heavier.

Struggling to keep up and increasingly desperate for a way out, Kouji jumps at the opportunity to return to Rata Sum as a spy. He's not expecting the sinking feeling in his gut when the intelligence he provides back to his father ends up leading to the defeat of the people he meets there.

Conflicted and upset, he flees into the nearby wilderness, and there has an unexpected encounter with the ranger Mars. Grateful for any companionship, Kouji assumes at first that they'll travel together until they reach Mars's destination, and then go their separate ways. So it is much to his surprise when Mars takes him back to the outpost to meet his family.

Kouji's Thoughts