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Kiki Softpaw

Pronouns: she/her
Race: Charr
Kiki Softpaw was never meant to be a warrior. The runt of her litter and the weakest of her warband, she only makes it to adulthood because of the patience and care her warband shows her. Staying towards the back of the battlefield and helping those who need it, Kiki isn't there when the rest of her band is slaughtered.

So great is her regret, so strong her sorrow, that the fabric of time shifts around her, returning her to a time when they were alive. And although she begs and pleads with them not to go into the field, they write off her worries and venture forth anyway. Of course, they are only killed again.

As the cycle resets itself, over and over and over, Kiki tries everything to keep them alive. She turns herself into a warrior, a spy, an inventor. She pulls strings with the brass and with the forces of the Mists. She experiences their loss over and over and over again. And nothing she can do seems to change it.

Kiki's Thoughts