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Fiasco Fortune

Pronouns: he/him
Race: Sylvari
Position: Catalyst
Fiasco Fortune was taken into the sea by the Krait not long after he emerged from his pod. Subject to all manner of torture and humiliation, he had all but lost hope when a group of pirates killed his captors, freeing all the slaves as they searched for one of their crew. But that freedom came with a heavy price, and for the penniless Fiasco, there was no easy way to pay it off.

And so, Fiasco is brought to Lion's Arch to work. He quickly finds employment as a waitress at one of the more popular tourist restaurants, but the meager wage he earns there does little to help his debt. Especially not once he starts gambling with it, in an attempt to win big and buy his freedom- real freedom, this time.

Fiasco's Thoughts