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Eveline Frostblade

Pronouns: she/her
Race: Charr
Position: Dragonhunter
Faction: Vigil
Eveline is a righteous paladin, a force of justice whereever she goes. Clad head to toe in spotless silver armor, she cuts a striking figure on the battlefield or in a city. Her conviction draws people to her like moths to a flame, and her warband is proud to call her their leader.

The only trouble she cannot conquer is her own sister's crimes. Celandine is a rogue necromancer, a criminal who killed and reanimated countless victims. She keeps them for her own sick entertainment, and what's worse is that Eveline is the only one who knows. Eveline knows that she should defeat her sister, she knows that her reluctance to do this justice casts a shadow on all of her actions. But even so, she can't bring herself to do anything.

Eveline's Thoughts