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Ember Scorpio

Pronouns: he/him
Race: Human
Position: Specter
Faction: Bandit
A bastard child in Divinity's Reach, Ember's birth was the reason his mother was cast out of her home. Struggling to raise an unwanted child on the streets, she struggled not to hold the circumstances of his birth against him, and ultimately died cursing his name, far before her time. Thus orphaned, Ember saw little choice when he was recruited by bandits.

Unhappy with a life of petty crime on behalf of uncaring leaders, Ember wasn't entirely sure how to improve his fortunes- until an opportunity presented itself. "The prominent scientist Vexichor Malice will imbue you with the power of an Elemental," was the promise on the poster, and Ember jumped at the chance.

Just shy of two years later, he stumbles out of Vexichor's labratory. Imbued with a fire elemental, yes, and also with a smoldering rage and a permanent migraine. After the deaths of many of his fellow subjects, Ember assumed his time was limited. Unable to control his burning new powers, Ember went on a mission to kill both his actual father and his mother's ex-husband before his own expiry.

But strangely enough, he lived. And stranger still, both of his personal targets aligned with the bandits' hitlist, earning him a lofty promotion in their ranks. Now stationed in the Brisban Wilds with a couple dozen henchmen under his control, Ember still can't shake the feeling that his days are numbered.

Ember's Thoughts