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Celandine Ashfall

Pronouns: she/her
Race: Charr
Position: Scourge
Most Tyrians would agree that necromancers can be grouped into two categories: those who are respectful and law-abiding, and those who are not. To practice necromancy with respect means not reviving nor using pieces of corpses belonging to people deserving of respect. Corpses belonging to the evil races or the enemy are fair game, especially if you reform and combine them beyond the point of recognition. There is, however, some grey area around the idea of people who consent to be revived.

To Celandine, the answer is simple. If someone has granted a necromancer permission to raise them after their death, it is perfectly acceptable for the necromancer to do so. Living in the woods of Ascalon with her harem of reanimated boyfriends, Celandine is consistently surprised and distraught to find that most of the nearby villagers, and even her own sister, view her as a threat. Sure, some of her lovers technically didn't consent until after their reanimation, but that's just a detail, isn't it?

Celandine's Thoughts