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Commander Ambriak Winterbloom

Pronouns: he/him
Race: Sylvari
Position: Virtuoso
Faction: Order of Whispers
Ambriak is a fool and a braggart. His exaggerated claims have landed him in trouble more times than he can count; sometimes because people call him on his shit, but more often because they don't. In way over his head as the Commander of the Pact, Ambriak is now developing an arguably well-deserved imposter complex. But while he might not be as powerful as he makes himself out to be, his real accomplishments are started to add up.

A sleaze who is more than willing to take advantage of his reputation, Ambriak has slept around quite a bit. His primary relationship is with Inoke, a mute foxboy who guards him jealously, and has been the reason he didn't die on more than a few occasions. As Ambriak downplays and takes credit for his companion's aid, he is unaware of Inoke's role in chasing off other potential partners.

Ambriak's Thoughts