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Sasha Rowan

Keywords: chosen friend
Pronouns: they/them
Age: 17
Height: 4'7"
Race: bunny, bird
Position: Chosen
Faction: light
To say that Sasha didn't expect to be Chosen would be an understatement. After all, they're no more a warrior than they are a leader or a scholar, which is to say, they're none of those things. Sasha is an unremarkable bunny all around, content to mind the shop and hang out with their neighbors. Still, if High Priest Sorin thinks that Sasha can help to end their eternal war against the darkness, they're certainly going to try.

And so, Sasha finds themself on the road with Natsuki, Aspen, and Damien, a trio of guards who seem to each be more qualified for the Choice than Sasha is. Together, they collect holy artifacts, they face down demons, they travel the world. Sasha meets people they never would have dreamed about, and as they do, they learn.

They learn about about legacy and lies. They learn about life on the other side. And they learn about the true nature of the Choice: one that has been made and one that awaits them still.

Sasha's Thoughts